Window Series

Windows give us grounding. They can help with understanding our surroundings, where we are, time of day, weather conditions. Maybe a window helps with who we are, who we were, where we go, our pasts, our dreams, our future?

SO - imagine this:

Position yourself within the painting – anywhere – go ahead – this shouldn’t hurt.
So which side of the window are you on?

Are you peeking in or looking out?

Can you be seen by others? Are you embarrassed?

Is this window a protective barrier or just an opening in a wall or abandoned building?

If it's a protective barrier, what are you keeping out, or keeping in, or are you doing both?

Is this where you wish to be or not to be?

Is this a welcome sight? Do you see comfort? Maybe there is something you wish to see, but can't?

Or is there something you should be looking at but won't?

Does the window express your aspirations, your goals? Maybe a portal to your premonitions or another dimension, another time?

Do you belong here?

Is this your painting?



Should you move onto another illusion – the next window?

Acrylic paintings under high gloss resin on two-inch deep, wood, gallery box. Framing is unnecessary.