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Nonlinear Time 1 and 2

  • Individually:  Part 1: 24 in. x 79 in., $7,200

    Part 2: 16 in. x 79 in., $4,800

  • We measure time - seconds, minutes, hours, etc. But since this era of Covid-19 it seems that 2020 has become compressed to a near singular moment. Our usual gathering of friends for dinner, coffee or a beer has been postponed to an unknown future. Our favorite restaurants are now closed for carryout only or closed forever.  We are further isolated by wearing masks - loosing facial expressions. What was once normal is now gone as time became condensed.


    I looked for the code date on a gallon of milk I was about to purchase and I was surprised.  It told me it would expire on a date that I thought was at least two months away. The weekend is the same as the week day, and last month has passed way too quickly.


    Time – do we really experience it, or is it nonlinear?


    These paintings are a reflection of nonlinear time.


    Ray Zovar



    Diptych of abstract expressionist paintings: Acrylic mixed media under resin on fiberglass form, lit from within by LED lights


    Pieces may be purchased separately. Contact me to arrange this.

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