fine art abstract sculpture abstract expressionist painting fiberglass resin LED light lighting contemporary interactive art lamp fabric modern interior décor wall hanging multicolor

Nonlinear Time 1 and 2

  • Individually:  Part 1: 16 in. x 79 in., $7,200

    Part 2: 24 in. x 79 in., $4,800

  • We measure seconds, hours, days . . . but since 2020, it seems that Time has been compressed into a singular moment.


    Our usual gatherings have been postponed for an unknown future. Restaurants are open only for carryout or closed forever. We are further isolated by wearing masks and losing facial expressions.


    What was once normal has disintegrated. The weekend is the same as the week, and the months seem to drag on or race by.


    Do we truly experience Time, or is it nonlinear?


    These paintings are reflections of nonlinear time.


    Ray Zovar


    Diptych of abstract expressionist paintings: Acrylic mixed media under resin on fiberglass form, lit from within by LED lights


    Pieces may be purchased separately. Contact me to arrange this.