With economic growth, we flourished and found it better to pick up our brothers and sisters, than to knock them down in this mad rush to get ahead of him. We realized we needed one another for commerce, education, and familial pride. We consciously chose to live in peace rather than conflict, and this was defined by our new humanity. We understood the importance of education and interrelating respectfully. We chose to live in the future and forgave the past. Together we conquered poverty, starvation, disease, and social disorder. We took control of our environment and saved our world. AND we let everyone live as they wanted to, as long as they upheld the basic governing societal laws of respect and love, and we asked everyone to take personal responsibility for our actions. Without poverty there was no crime - with no crime, there were no prisons. Money could now be spent on education and research. We allowed everyone who wanted a purpose in life, the freedom to fulfill their dreams. There were small problems from time to time but very few. We found most problems and fixed them. We were now living as ONE family with forgiveness, respect and love.

Determination - right panel

  • 66 in x 48 in x 2 in

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