Outside the Box                                                     Leaf Sofa Table                                                      Side Leaf Table w/ Drawer, one available

$4,790                                                                 $2,800                                                                   $750

What I find most interesting about creating mosaics is the endless possibilities because of the  use of myriad materials. From natural stone, fused glass, glass tile and beads, porcelain, metal, dichroic glass or just about anything that can be secured with setting material and grout. I enjoy creating furniture, wall fountains, sculptures, wall art and a fireplace surround - for my wife!

Mosaics are created on commission only so please ask if you have something in mind. I love creating mosaic art!

The photos below show three of my custom mosaic creations, a custom photo mural of downtown Madison scenes, and custom interior design elements and finishes. The photos and text are courtesy of First Weber Realtors. 

Photo mural of downtown Madison scenes

Schaecher pg 2 no text.jpg
Custom designed and finished for present owner with singularly unique applications and creations by Ray Zovar, a local artist. The dining room wall mounted water fountain, textured wall in the living room and lobby custom wall paper featuring downtown Madison venues are signature creations by Ray. More subtle influences are found throughout the home.
Schaecher fountain.jpg

'Ruby Ribbon,' mosaic water fountain

Above: 'Neutrinos,' mosaic coffee table; painting on far left wall; fuchsia wave wall

Schaecher photo mural.jpg
Schaecher pg 3 botom photos.jpg

Mosaic border on dining table; upholstered bar die