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Illuminated Sculptural Paintings

The concept of a 360° painting intrigued me, but this had its challenges. I determined a cylindrical painting could be fascinating but the biggest issue was the size of that cylinder in relation to an abstract expressionism composition. The viewer only sees half of the painting at a time. 

This made it critical to assure compositional continuity that could still maintain a relationship with every viewing angle. 2-D paintings don’t make that kind of demand of the viewer. My paintings change according to the viewing angle, presenting a new painting with each step around it.

My earlier attempts relied on sunlight to infuse life into the piece. Then I placed a base light inside a few pieces, which added luminosity. But the biggest change was incorporating RGB (red green blue) LED strip lights within each piece. This changed not only its relationship to the size and gave narrower pieces greater interest, but also changed its composition depending upon the color of light infused with the paint, dye, etc. For instance, red light with a red paint could remove or push the design into the background, and so-on with each color. Opacity and transparency became additional factors. Having a remote control over a choice of colors gives the viewer control of the work. 

The result is illuminated sculptural paintings that are interactive and changeable, allowing the viewer to personalize my art constantly.

My Illuminated Sculptural Paintings are a 360° illusionary, abstract, interplay of color and LED color lighting. Moving around the sculpture, you will see a different painting with every step. With the remote control, you may change the look, color, intensity, and modalities of the painting at your desire. These signed, one of a kind creations have a 50,000-hour life expectancy with 26 watts of draw. You can find your own relationship with the painting as it is adaptable and ever-changing.