Division Series

We are divided! I see our culture, country, and the world as hugely divided. Our religions, morality, sexual preferences, wealth, education, politics, global exposure, and social status - all have become hot buttons increasing the divide.


We are beings of differences and we choose to maintain divisions. We see ourselves as better than others and have little or no understanding of cultural origins related to societal and geographical differences. We are not accustomed to taking personal responsibility for our actions and our world has become too small to ignore the division.

Our egos have become too dominant. We have defined ourselves as hard-edged quadrangles full of strong reasons to stay part of a faction. Even with social media changing so rapidly, we have lost the global view and have little respect for humanity.

Each of us needs to make changes that would benefit mankind. It should be our mission to help our neighbors - help those who can't stand up for themselves and those whose voices are suppressed. We need to step into the shoes of our neighbors and see what he sees and try to understand how social norms and religions have formed all of our prejudices. This is one of the most difficult tasks we face, and we have to do this without malevolence and strive to respect one another.

Each painting shows our collectives (families, groups, sects, countries, tribes, etc.) as we interact with other communities. The series shows a step by step progression of exchanges through colors and tone changes and concludes with a harmonious fantasy representing a more favorable future.

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