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Illuminated Sculptural Paintings

My Illuminated Sculptural Paintings could be viewed as a reflection of our society today. As people, we can be lucid and at the same time irrational, organic, bright and colorful. We allude to flash and twinkle and are very capable of changing colors at will. We expose only part of ourselves at any one time. We are mysterious, unpredictable, translucent and at times - surprising.

These 360° paintings are an illusionary interplay of color and color light. Since the viewer is only seeing half of the paintings at any one time, I have created a very short, abstract, story board. So moving around the painting, you see a different abstract scene with every step. You could be taken from a point of observing to one of assimilating. Each viewer could find their own relationship to the painting as it is adaptable and ever changing.

Ray Zovar

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