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Artist's Statement

Artist’s Statement
Understanding abstract art is like trying to understand jazz.
Abstract artists and jazz musicians compose unique expressions of creative energy by combining their spontaneity, individuality and expertise to produce rhythmic changes in their art.
Incongruous members comprise the whole, yet compositions balance. Overlapping layers ebb and flow creating pace, resonance and depth. Confusion contrasts with structure, mirroring dichotomy. Compartments, layers and intersections reflect life’s complexities.
I weave these threads into my art, honoring the balance we seek amid what we know, feel and dream in our need to create a sense of order according to our experiences and choices.
My art presents coexistence as abstraction. I invite my audience to examine perceived differences from various perspectives and then to recognize a sameness, a grounding. I encourage viewers to take experience beyond observation and participate in the art.
All art presents opportunities for self-discovery. Fill your eyes and open your mind. Embrace your collective narrative. Find yourself within the art and reveal your truth. Experience fully the emotions that art evokes. It’s your solo; create the riff, and share it.
Ray Zovar
Visual Illusionist

Fine Art by Ray Zovar 608-838-6617 Studio, 608-345-2991 Cell