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Ray Zovar's Biography

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in December 1946. My first memory of creating art was in grade school sculpting, drawing and painting. I loved the dioramas at the Milwaukee Museum, which was my urban playground as a kid. I've always been an artist and have been fascinated with and worked with three dimensional art.
My parents moved to West Allis, Wisconsin, in the middle of my third grade and I attended public schools through my senior year in high school. My art instructors in high school were very encouraging and, with their help, I became the sole artist/designer for the 1965 high school year book. My work room held the archived year books, dating back to the 1920’s and it was fascinating to see the artistic style changes over the decades.
At 20, I was commissioned by a church in West Allis to create a life-size hammered bronze wall sculpture of the Creation of Adam, originally a painting by Michelangelo. Besides free standing and wall sculpture, the majority of my work over the next 30 years was acrylic and oil paintings with heavy impasto and strong 3-D canvases.
I created mosaics for over thirteen years and have been fascinated with the depth of color, texture and form this medium presents. The materials are endless and the variety of transformations is infinite. I embedded fused glass, metals, cut marble, porcelain tile and natural stone to create fountains, sculptures and furniture.
I create my abstract paintings with a focus on depth, texture and details that appear to glow from within. My use of paint, sculpting medium and glazes has forced me to view color in a whole new way. My compositions reflect my interest in color, line, form and movement.
I started creating Illuminated Sculptural Paintings in 2013 and showed them for the first time at the Art Fair on the Square in Madison, Wisconsin in 2014. They are illuminated within by LED RGB strip lighting that allows the viewer to control colors remotely. The sculptures are interplays of form, color and colored light. The challenge of these abstract, 360° sculptural paintings is to engage the viewer’s interest when only half the work can be viewed at a time. Viewing each new segment of the piece will have different interest.
I'm not an artist that believes in creating noise or dark, foreboding work that will mess with your psyche. Nor am I the artist that thinks the canvas is a place for social commentary, showing bodily fluids to express pain and suffering. Nor am I the artist that meticulously reproduces building structures or nature, which can be more easily captured with a camera. There is enough of that in the world. I am proudly an abstract expressionist, a style that is extremely cerebral. My compositions should provoke the viewer's attention, have relevance, and provide a sense of correlation or involvement. If it doesn’t do any of that, it should at least make you smile. I would like to believe my art will transcend time and each generation will see something new and relevant to their era, a style that will look as fresh tomorrow as it does today.
Ray Zovar

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