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Security Series

"Security" The Cloud, 4160
"Security" Doubt Pierces, 3900
"Security" Overwhelm, 2690
"Security" Taking Aim, 2670
"Security" Permeation, 3900
"Security" When It Happens to You, 2670
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My paintings depict the modern struggle against threats to the security of our personal safety and identity.

Distinctive shapes indicate the collectives we desire to protect—families, friends, associates, colleagues.

Overlapping elements and individual threads moving into adjoining spaces signify our connections, our sameness.

Hard lines represent individuality, personal and cultural spaces, and our boundaries—the lines we’ve drawn that are so often crossed.
My own shredded documents symbolize intrusions undermining the stability and safety of our real and virtual lives.

Saturated colors and intricate details exemplify the depth and complexity of this “identity insecurity” inherent to our times.

Fine Art by Ray Zovar 608-838-6617 Studio, 608-345-2991 Cell